The Notarial Chair’s Mission

The mission of the Notarial Chair is to support the development of the notarial field and the notarial profession and enhance their sphere of influence. There are many means for doing so, including carrying out studies, setting up a Web site, organizing conferences, granting bursaries and promoting international exchanges. The Chair is intended to further the exchange of views and support scientific research in the notarial field.


The principal functions of the Chairholder are to propose the Chair’s program based on the objectives established by the Administrative Committee and the advice of the Scientific Committee, to administer the Chair’s activities and to report annually to the Scientific Committee and the Administrative Committee. The Chairholder is selected by the University’s Executive Committee after consulting with a committee composed of the Dean of the Faculty of Law or his representative, the Vice-Rector of Research or his representative and two members of the Chambre des notaires.

The current Chairholder is Professor Jérémie Torres Ceyte who’s five year mandate began on June 1st 2023.

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